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Nexus Enterprise Solutions (OTCQB: NXES) is a publicly traded data technology company focused on B2B lead generation services for major national brands and ecommerce product development. 

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We Connect Buyers & Sellers

Our NexChange Marketplace platform connects lead sellers and buyers that require a reliable intermediary broker to validate lead quality.

We have mastered the complexities of list segmentation, identity verification, fraud prevention and data quality control.  


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We Understand Marketing Data

Nexus processes millions of bits of data to manage the whole customer acquisition process across multiple marketing channels.

From website funnels to media buying on large platforms, we see the trends in adaptive  marketing methodologies and understand what works now.



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Knowledge Leads to Opportunity

With our analytical insight into those niches where market demand is strongest, Nexus has moved into ecommerce product development.

With a strong foundation in client services, Nexus is now also leveraging our knowledge of market behavior to create our own opportunities.